Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Frolicking around on South Beach in this beautiful lace top from H&M.
Photography by Juan Molina
Hair/Make up by Ilde Goncalves

Thursday, December 12, 2013

cold as ice

 The previous post was our first stop along the back roads. 
Kellows Pond was our next stop.
I was here two weeks before and it was still water.
Now there is a thin layer forming on the surface! 
I will be there again in 2 weeks and so excited to see the progress.
Hopefully I can stand on it by then.
Seriously how beautiful is this shade of blue.
PS: The posts are total opposites of my blog's theme.

 Trying to blend in.

Don't worry the ice is clean I'm told ;)

mud and fur

My great aunt passed away recently. She wanted to be buried in Narrowsburg, NY with the rest of the family. It's all so peaceful there. I can't get over how beautiful the natural blue tones are in the winter. I will explain a little bit more as you scroll down.

This is the Delaware River right outside the funeral home. 

 This was my great aunt's mink scarf. 
She would have been happy to know I wore it in honor of her.

It's also hunting season.
You could say I'm dangerous if you want...
walking into the woods with fur.

 My outfit:
Coat- H&M
Tights- B.ella
Dainty Ring- Catbird

 My photographer, my mom.
We had so much fun just driving around the country roads where my mom grew up. 
So much that our vehicle was covered in mud
... and most of our clothing too.

The winter berries really stand out against the cool tones of the woods.

I guess you could say my eyes are mink colored.

For those of you a little weirded out by the scarf, so am I.
But you have to embrace it. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Attire

I'm so thankful to have a talented sister that is so good at sharing. ;)
This is the Bond Dress. It's one of my favorites from Cami's Fall/Winter collection.
You should all check out her clothing line, great for the holiday season! 
I'm also wearing:


Autumn Leaves

Some more pictures from PA the other week.
 I'm here now again and there is snow on the ground!
Such a different look to the woods.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I fun some fun adding filters to a few of my digitals I shot in Central Park before it got super cold.

Chasing Autumn

I was able to observe and capture some breathtaking autumn scenery in PA last week.
(More to come!)
:Canon 7D:VSCO Cam Edit: