Fringe Friday

As the weather cools down, I find it more fun to get creative with layers! I have been hanging on to this fringe jacket since I lived in FL. I had good intentions of wearing it, but the weather never permitted me to wear it in the sunshine state. *wipes sweat off* So have some fun with your own clothes in your closet for this cool weather ahead. 
Photos by: Kenny Libo-on and Dave Mendoza 

Warm autumn day.

When the leaves are changing in Central Park, but the weather isn't quite cold....
The final days of crop tops and midriffs exposed. 

Photos by: Chris Schortgen

South Seaport.
Photos by Dave Mendoza and Kenny Libo-on
Exploring South Seaport in a Camilyn Beth 'Joe Dress.'
The fun part about CB dresses is deciding to dress them up or dress them down. 
I take any chance I can get to tie a nice vintage scarf around my neck and throw on some oxfords. 

The Lawrence Cortez Show.

I had the honor recently to shoot with Lawrence from Toronto and his amazing crew. 
Loved how the photos turned out. 
Photography// Lawrence Cortez
Makeup// Romana Lai
Hair// EdisonLu
Styling// GeeJay



Looking for a quick salad recipe? Here's a delicious one...
I was asked to bring a salad to a dinner party tonight and this raspberry spinach salad had great reviews. You can find all the ingredients quick at Trader Joe's, unless you have to shop during rush hour. Here in the city, the line usually starts at the door, and you most likely will get hit by a few carts. I was originally going to use strawberries, but they aren't in season. Raspberries were a better choice anyways.
-Bag of organic baby spinach
-Raw walnuts 
(Roast them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 mins)
-Raspberries, the more the better
-Crumbled goat cheese
-Raspberry vinaigrette dressing


Black to Basics.

Photography//  Kenny Libo-on & Dave Mendoza

Anytime someone asks me what to pack for their trip to NY I say, 'just pack black clothes'. If you want to fit in with the locals and get treated like one, you need to dress like one. 



Hey there! Welcome to the Sunshine State of Mind by Ashten (that's me). This blog will be filled with recent photoshoots, my travels, workouts, and food/drink ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

Photo by: Clayton 

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