Thursday, February 18, 2016

One Year.

Photo by Patrick Moore

Someone once told me that New York will give you some of the worst days of your life and some of your greatest.
 It pretty sums up my past year. 
I made it an entire year in one city, and I'm not stopping there either.
I thought I would share some of my tips for surviving the city life, or even if you are just visiting!
+ Yelp is my bff for finding pretty much every meal or store I go to.
For example, if I get the sudden craving for ice cream I can find a ton of great places in my area, see photos of what I'm getting myself into, what time places are open until, and how that ice cream made other people feel.

+ Pay attention to empty subway cars on a busy train, DON'T GO IN THERE. I'm saving you from seeing and smelling things you should never need to experience.

+Carry your phone charger with you everyday or get a portable battery.

+Things get weird on subways when the clock strikes midnight. Not scary, just weird. It's a theory that I created and seems to be true 9.5 out of 10 times. Other then that I always feel safe riding the train so give it a try if you have never been on one!

+With all of the humans you come in contact with in a day it presents a lot of chances to make someones day better which naturally makes you feel better too. If you're strong, help people carry bulky things down stairs and through doors. If you have food with you, help someone out who is hungry. If you see someone cold, give them hand warmers or buy them warm clothes.

+Trader Joe's is your cheapest grocery store, but also one of the most stressful events you do in your week. If you have a chance to go in the late morning it's calm. Don't take it personal if you get hit with a cart or four any other time...

+When it snows in the city there is this suspicious ledge at the end of each curb, you may think it's solid snow, but it's not. It's a big ole slushy mess so don't step in it, step over it.

+If you have a gym membership, use the showers. Unlimited clean towels, wonderful shampoo/conditioners, and blow dryers. Helps with the utilities bill back at your apartment.

+The AM New York newspaper (offered in the subways in the morning on week days) has a really good crossword puzzle in the back. Grab a friend, go get some happy hour, and work on the crossword together, it's so much fun. (You're probably imagining me as a 70 year old now.)

+Your local deli most likely serves up some of the best breakfast sandwiches you will ever have.

+Bacon egg and cheese on everything bagels= NYC+



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